Many visitors here have been wondering where the idea for this site came from and most of all, who is Lady Selene. Here is a little insight on the who, what and why of this site.

I am a Wiccan High Priestess, or in other words, a Witch. I started my studies in 1991. I studied in the Arcadian tradition of Wicca and received my first degree initiation in 1992. From there, I received my second degree in 1993 and my third degree in 1994.

I started collecting all the information I could find from all types of sources, other then books, and tucked them away knowing that someday I would use them to share with others who wished to learn. In 1998 my husband and I moved to Concord, NC where we now reside.


Once we got settled in, I decided to start this site and share my collection with others. There is a definite need of accessible information for those who wish to follow the path of the Goddess and I strongly believe that the information should be “free” to all who seek it. I knew that if just one person could find the information they were looking for, it might help them in their journey and therefore make this site successful. With all the files I had accumulated, plus all I had on paper, I knew that my task would not be an easy one. But with a little persistence and a lot of desire, I put this site together. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s not supposed to be. The reason for this site is to share information, not be the prettiest on the web. This is why you will not see any advertisements on my site. I know most people use advertisement to help pay for the upkeep of their site, but there is nothing I dislike more when surfing the web, then to have those little boxes of advertisement pop up on the screen when I’m trying to read. So I take care of the upkeep myself.

awd2I have dedicated this site to the Goddess so that she can guide those who seek knowledge to hopefully find it here. I don’t necessarily believe or endorse all of the information here but there needs to be a good amount of flexibility and knowledge if one is to find what is right for them, so I try to include more then one side of things. All the files on this site are in plain text so they are easy to print out and use. If you find this site helpful, then it’s purpose has been fulfilled.

So there is a little glimpse of who I am and the purpose of this site. Enjoy your stay and the brightest blessings on your journey for the knowledge you seek.

Lady Selene