A Simple Money Spell

Can A Spell Make You Rich?
Everyone wants to be rich, and the lure of immediate cash and fortune is tempting, but if it was as easy as casting a spell then every Wiccan would be rich and the religion itself would suddenly become far more popular. If I could I’d be rolling in a room of gold like Scrooge McDuck, but so far my gold room is empty and I consider myself quite fortunate to be somewhat comfortable.

Often people don’t want to believe that I don’t have the winning lottery numbers or a quick spell to give them so they can make a killing on the stock market, but I’d warn you to beware of anyone that promises just that. Trust me I’m not being greedy, it’s just that white magick doesn’t quite work that way. That doesn’t mean that there’s no such thing as a money spell and after a love spell it’s the one I’m asked about most often. This is the spell I usually tell friends and family who are experiencing money problems, and while it won’t make you rich it does help with attracting money and bring sound financial reasoning into your life. Consider it a milder version of the spell you really want and just can’t have, which usually means it’s the spell you actually need!

moneyspellThis spell is great for helping you out when you have money problems and can bring greater financial security to those that are self-employed. This white magick spell won’t help you buy a yacht but it might help you make your rent or stay afloat a little longer.

What you’ll need:

  • Three yellow candles
  • A gold ring
  • A gold chain

Casting your circle:

  1. Choose a place that feels safe and comfortable to perform cast your circle. It doesn’t have to be in the middle of the woods, but if it helps then by all means go out for a hike, otherwise anywhere from your bedroom to your kitchen will do.
  2. Draw a circle on the floor that is about as wide as you are tall. You can draw the circle with chalk, by laying a tied cord in a circle, or by sprinkling salt water in a circle. If you are outdoors you can draw a circle in the dirt or edge it with rocks.
  3. Standing in the middle of the circle place the yellow candles in front of you to form a triangle and light each candle.
  4. Place the gold chain and ring in the middle of the triangle.
  5. Concentrate on the triangle and visualize it filling with prosperity energy.
  6. Chant the following three times:
    Prosperity, abundance, and wealth,
    Pour into my days and keep my free.
    This is my will;
    So mote it be.
  7. Take the ring and place it on the chain the wear it around your neck.
  8. As you wear the ring and chain concentrate on the prosperity energy emanating from the ring and connecting with your own energy.
  9. Wear the ring and chain as often as possible; they act to attract money into your life.

This spell can be done at any point in the week or month but will work best when your circle is cast in the early morning or late at night. Good luck and remember to visualize that prosperity energy both infusing itself into the ring and chain and with your own energy.


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