An Easy 10-Step Love Spell

When someone first learns that I’m a Wiccan the conversation invariably turns to talk of spells and always to love spells. People are fascinated by the notion of a quick fix, but in reality spells are not about granting wishes or turning people into frogs, even though we might really, really want to. Wiccans can’t do any harm and that means I can’t prepare a spell for you to make your enemy fat or your neighbour’s flowers die, nor can I make Chris Hemsworth fall in love with you, or me for that matter. But I can help you find love with a super easy spell that makes you more open to the concept and the good in those around you as well as help free you from loneliness.

wiccan-sex-spellThe Classic Love Spell – Love at First Sight
When you think of a love spell it brings to mind a classic movie where a hopeless guy unwittingly takes a love spell and falls madly in love with the first person he sees. And though it may seem like an easy fix when you’re in love with someone that just doesn’t notice you all those movies should have taught you how disastrous the consequences can be. Besides being risky these types of love spells are a definite no-no for Wiccans because they seek to control and manipulate someone, possibly making them act against their wishes and that goes against the main Wiccan creed of not bringing any harm.

My Favourite Love Spell
The only allowable type of love spell for a Wiccan to perform is one that makes the recipient more open to the love available around them. It ensures that no one is injured through manipulation and encourages openness. There are plenty of love spells available through an online search but they can get to be extremely complicated, and a love spell isn’t exactly something you want to mess up. With that in mind I’ve given you one of my easiest love spells to start out with, but still perform this spell carefully, because even though it’s simple a small change can have unintended results and consequences with any spell.

So this is my tested and true, straightforward and uncomplicated love spell. Perfect for singles and especially those that are lonely, it just takes a few ingredients like rose petals, candles, and mint tea, and can be completed with minimum fuss and mess. Though you can do this spell at any point it works best if it’s done in the week after the new moon, so mark your calendar for the next lunar phase and gather your ingredients.

To begin you’ll need the following:

  • A white candle
  • 3 yellow candles
  • Red rose petals
  • A glass of mint tea


  1. Cast a circle around yourself,
  2. Inside the circle make a triangle out of the 3 yellow candles placed in front of you,
  3. Put the white candle in the centre of the triangle,
  4. Spread the rose petals around where you stand, inside the circle,
  5. Recite the following:
    I invoke thee goddess of love,
    I invoke thee goddess of love, to open me to my one true soul mate,
    I invoke thee goddess of love, so I may overcome my loneliness through love, Such is my will
  6. Drink the glass of mint tea,
  7. Blow out the white candle,
  8. Blow out the remaining yellow candles one by one,
  9. Collect the rose petals and let them dry for a period of one week,
  10. Scatter the dried rose petals in a stream or river.

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