New-Age Skyclad

Do Wiccan’s Do Everything Naked?
For those that are eager to explore Wicca there’s something that’s holding many of them back – the fear that they’ll have to get naked in front of people! Images of witches dancing naked in the woods or taking part in some sort of demonic orgy are still strangely prevalent, and not to say that it never happens, at least the dancing naked in the woods part, but rest assured not only is shedding your clothes for ceremonies not mandatory, but always completely up to you.

The term skyclad is what Wiccans call being naked, or to put it in a more colourful language, being dressed with only the nature and the sky thus enabling you to work your magick and rituals unfettered by earthly threads. It makes you feel closer to nature and more in tune with your surroundingsā€¦unless of course all you can think about at the time is your saggy boobs and wrinkly bottom.


Why Go Skyclad?
There are multiple reasons why a coven will work skyclad and some covens may not do so all the time. It may depend on a certain ritual or just the weather, after all you don’t want your fingers, not to mention other parts, getting frost-bitten. Among the main reasons for working skyclad are claims that it is traditional and some covens have simply always performed their magicks in the buff. Many Wiccans believe that wearing clothing blocks energy and will perform even solitary rituals naked. For many covens the removal of clothing is symbolic, removing any indication of rank and placing each member as an equal, and some weddings or hand fastenings like a recent one in the UK will have bride and groom, and sometimes the guests fully naked.

When To Keep Your Clothes On
Any coven that works their magicks skyclad should tell you so when you first discuss becoming a member, but if you’re not comfortable with it then tell them and don’t feel that you have to expose yourself just to prove anything. After all if you don’t feel comfortable in your coven you won’t have much effect, so it could be that another coven is a better choice for you.

skyclad2As High Priestess of my coven there have been times when I’ve gone skyclad and to be honest it didn’t feel all that effective. Not only was I cold but for the most part I was distracted thinking that I had to suck in my stomach and wondering if anyone could see the dimples on my thighs. Not only that but I’m a Wiccan not a mind reader and I can’t guarantee that the other members of the coven aren’t looking at me and thinking thoughts that aren’t purely about the God and Goddess when I’m trying to lead a ritual with my boobs out.

So do you keep your clothes on or shed your threads and inhibitions and go skyclad? It’s all about you and what you feel at ease with, just keep in mind that it won’t make you more of a Wiccan to go naked. Always be true to yourself and you can’t go wrong, even if that means letting it all hangout!